I saw you guys are loving my backing tracks and I’m really grateful for that, besides you’ve been asking and waiting for the tabs and I can finally say the wait it’s over!
I’ve recently opened my Patreon Account where you can find backing tracks and more. You may thinking “Why there and not directly here?” The answer is really simple, becoming a Patreon for a monthly fee give you access to ALL BACKING TRACKS AND ALL TABS I upload every month instead of paying for them individually! For example you can choose just the backing track tier on Patreon for 3$ a month and you can download all the new backing tracks instead of paying 1,99$ for just one! You could also pick the “Backing Tracks and Tabs” tier on Patreon for just 5$ a month instead of purchasing tabs and backing tracks individually, it’s a lot cheaper!
To check it out click here: